How To Live

Maximise your body’s natural defences to fight disease and promote long-lasting health

by Professor Robert Thomas

  • Published: 10 Sep 2020
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  • Extent: 464p
  • ISBN: 9781780724188
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Did you know:

that drinking a glass of red wine after sunbathing can reduce lasting skin damage?

• that your choice of deodorant can affect your long-term health?

• that some houseplants are more effective in removing air toxins than others?

In How to Live, Professor Robert Thomas, one of Britain’s leading oncologists and an expert in integrating nutritional and lifestyle strategies into cancer treatment, gives us effective, scientifically proven advice about everything from diet and exercise to sleep and skincare.

Thomas demystifies cancer and other chronic diseases by explaining how they develop in our bodies, what we can do to mitigate against damage, and how simple changes to our diet and routine can prevent our biggest killers, from heart disease to diabetes.

This is a health bible for life. Whether you are in your 20s or 70s, it will help you to empower your body against ageing and degenerative disease and live at maximum strength.

About Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas is a Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s and Bedford Hospitals, a Professor at Cranfield University and a clinical teacher at Cambridge University. He is the author of Lifestyle after Cancer, and has an academic interest in the evaluation of nutritional, lifestyle and self-help strategies after cancer.