A Paris Christmas

An improbable tale of good food and true love

by John Baxter

  • Published: 05 Nov 2015
  • Price: £8.99
  • Format: Cutdown B Format PB
  • Extent: 288p
  • ISBN: 9781780722474

An improbable tale of good food and true love.

A Paris Christmas is the charming, funny and improbable tale of how a man who was raised on white bread – and didn’t speak a word of French – unexpectedly ended up with the sacred duty of preparing the Christmas dinner for a venerable Parisian family.

Having fallen in love with a French woman and impulsively moved to Paris to marry her, LA- based film critic John Baxter could hardly refuse the challenge of cooking up a feast for his sceptical in-laws. But what to cook? And how to make it palatable to such a terrifying band of gastronomes.

In this sparkling memoir, we follow Baxter’s misadventures and delicious triumphs as he visits the farthest corners of France in search of the country’s best recipes and ingredients. Irresistible and fascinating, this book is a cultural and culinary education which teaches us the difference between food that is just edible and something feeds the soul.

“Uproarious... Baxter's wry humour and fast-paced writing make for a highly entertaining read... a heart-warming tale of love, family and good food.”
France Magazine
“Such a likeable, readable book, packed with humour and quirky knowledge”
The Independent
“Baxter shares insights with the wry perspective of an outsider permitted into a secret world and eager to share the rules with other visitors.”
Publisher's Weekly, US

About John Baxter

John Baxter is an Australian-born writer, journalist and film-maker. Baxter has lived in Britain and the United States as well as his native Sydney, but has made his home in Paris since 1989, where he is married to the film-maker Marie-Dominique Montel. They have one daughter, Louise.