Breaking Upwards

How to manage the emotional impact of divorce

by Charlotte Friedman

  • Published: 08 Feb 2018
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  • ISBN: 978-1-78072-3464
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It is comparatively easy to get a legal divorce; getting an emotional one is a whole different story. The break-up of a relationship can be a devastating experience, leaving you with overwhelming feelings of anger and grief. 

As Charlotte Friedman shows in this valuable new book, it doesn’t have to be that way.

A former family barrister, Friedman decided to move from the courtroom to the therapist’s chair in order to help people manage the emotional fall-out of divorce. She offers calm, therapeutic advice on everything from how to manage loneliness to letting go of grievance, and draws on illuminating case studies to answer such questions as:

• How long before I get over this divorce?

• How do I tell the children?

• How do I cope with the new partner in my ex’s life?

Breaking Upwards is designed to take you from separation to feeling better, and give you the confidence to create a genuinely positive new story.

About Charlotte Friedman

Charlotte Friedman is a psychotherapist working in Central London. Having previously worked for 25 years as a barrister specialising in divorce and separation, she then became a family therapist, seeing many couples and individuals going through divorce and separation. She has seen divorce from both the legal and therapy perspective.  Often appearing on TV and radio, she also presents workshops and seminars for several firms including Bank of America, Ernst and Young and Deutsche Bank, helping their employees to cope with their relationship break ups.