The Enlightenment of Nina Findlay

by Andrea Gillies

All her life, Nina Findlay has been in a love triangle with two Italian brothers – Paolo, whom she marries, and Luca, who remains her best friend – until a dramatic series of events changes everything, apparently for good.

Estranged from both of them, facing a future alone, Nina escapes to a tiny Greek island. When an accident lands her in the local hospital, she finds herself telling her story to a mysteriously attentive doctor, and is enlightened about the past and about herself in ways she couldn’t have imagined.

“A rich, utterly convincing portrait of one woman's midlife meltdown”
Lisa Ziedner
“A delicate depiction of life, love and possibly madness... Moving and surprising”
Daily Express
“Gillies writes magnificently on everything she touches”
Sunday Times

About Andrea Gillies

Andrea Gillies has had a diverse career, encompassing writing, publicity work, travel and reference book editing, and writing a drinks column for Scotland on Sunday newspaper.

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