Ghoul Brittania

Notes from a Haunted Isle

by Andrew Martin

  • Published: 01 Oct 2009
  • Price: £12.99
  • Format: Hardback
  • Format: Ebook
  • Extent: 240p
  • ISBN: 9781906021856
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What is it about Britain, asks Andrew Martin, that makes it such a fitting playground for the supernatural? We are, it seems, a nation primed for ghostliness; our history, our landscape, our very climate are inherently eerie.

In Ghoul Britannia, Martin takes a wry look at our haunted isle, goes to cursed houses, talks to psychics and believers, and studies exorcisms. He asks why some ghosts appear in libraries and others at the end of the bed, what ghosts like to wear, and whether you should feel nervous on a foggy, moonlit night…

In this engrossing new book, Martin searches out the dark corners of our subconscious in an attempt to explain our most deep-seated fears – why, despite famously being a nation of cynics, we just cannot quite ignore that bump in the night.

About Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin trained as a barrister before becoming a journalist and novelist. His seven novels include five titles featuring the young Edwardian detective, Jim Stringer. He has also written short stories and radio plays. He is married with two children, and lives in north London.

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