Have a Nice Day

A Journey Through Obama's America

by Justin Webb

  • Published: 02 Apr 2009
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  • Format: Paperback
  • Extent: 240p
  • ISBN: 9781906021702
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American talent and ingenuity and renewal, the very genius that led to Obama’s rise, is celebrated too little in the outside world. The time has come – with the Bush presidency over – for a new appreciation of what makes America tick.

Have a Nice Day does not shy away from the crazy preachers, the guns, and the continuing racial divisions. But it puts the rough edges of American life in context – geographical and intellectual. This is exactly the right time, Justin Webb claims, for the world to take a look at why Americans think as they do, and why they might just be right …

“If you want to know what makes Americans tick, read this book. Webb knows America – and it shows.” – John Humphreys

“With his forensic examination of America, and more importantly of Americans, Justin Webb represents 21st-century proof that no-one understands the world so adroitly as the Englishman abroad.” – Independent

“Not since Charles Wheeler has the BBC had as fine an American correspondent. His perceptive reporting has been a joy” – Times

“Written in a breezy, engaging and often humorous style, Webb’s smartly reported book reveals him to be curious, thorough and generous of spirit… A book full of insight and heart.” – Daily Mail

“This is not a dry sociological account but a passionate defence of a way of life… Webb is good at shedding light on our ambivalent and contradictory relationship with American power and culture.” – Sunday Times

About Justin Webb

Justin Webb is the BBC's North America Editor and an occasional presenter of the Today Programme on Radio Four. He has spent the last six years shaping and leading the BBC's coverage of the US and its neighbours. He lives in Washington DC with his wife Sarah and their children Martha, Sam and Clara.