How to be Danish

A Short Journey to the Mysterious Heart of Denmark

by Patrick Kingsley

What links Sarah Lund and Lars von Trier? Or Carlsberg and Kierkegaard? Or even Shakespeare and Metallica? The answer lies in Denmark, the country that has gripped the British imagination more than any other in recent memory. But though we watch their TV series, wear their jumpers, and play with their toys, how much do we really know about the Danes themselves.
From Lego to lava lamps – via Borgen, The Killing, and the Muhammed cartoons – Patrick Kingsley takes us on a journey into the mysterious heart of Denmark.

New York Times
“Patrick Kingsley [is]... an eloquent and inquiring observer”
Sunday Times

About Patrick Kingsley

Patrick is a feature writer for the Guardian. He also freelances for magazines who don’t directly compete with the mother-ship. In January 2012, MHP named him one of the top five young journalists to watch, while in 2009 he was journalist of the year at the Guardian Student Media Awards. Patrick’s work has also appeared in Wired, Time Out, Daily Mail, NME and the Sunday Times, and he has a first in English from Cambridge University, where he edited the main student weekly, Varsity.