Lessons in Style

by Jordi Punti

  • Published: 04 Oct 2018
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  • ISBN: 9781780723730
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Since landing in the FC Barcelona youth academy at the age of thirteen, Lionel Messi has demonstrated an innate and awe-inspiring talent for football – in the process creating a sort of poetry in the game.

For so many fans around the globe, watching Messi play has brought great happiness – to nobody more than Catalan writer and pundit Jordi Punti.

In 22 short essays, Punti explores the beauty, the hunger, the genius and the obsession of Messi – he takes us from the near-mythical scenery of a South American footballing youth, where the world is “an infinite football pitch”, to the glory and the struggle of a life on the international stage.

“Italo Calvino defined the key values of literature in the 21st century, and it turns out that Lionel Messi has them all: lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility and even multiplicity.” – Jordí Punti on Lionel Messi

“Reading this playful portrait of Lionel Messi reminded me how extraordinary every minute was that was spent by his side. ”
Pep Guardiola
“Jordi Punti is a beautiful writer and a Barcelona fan who has watched Messi’s entire career and is in love with him. There’s nobody better to write this book – which doesn’t aim to explain Messi (impossible anyway) but to enjoy him. It’s a lovely, joyous read. “Puntí is one of the greatest Catalan writers and with this book he is at the height of his talents. He makes even the Argentine ace’s warm ups fascinating.” – Juan Villoro, El País ”
Simon Kuper, co-author of Soccernomics
“How do you count the bubbles in a glass of champagne? How do you describe Messi? Jordi is a superb companion on this enthralling journey from Rosario to football’s Valhalla. A spellbinding, passionate insight into the incomparable Mozart of our game. ”
Ray Hudson, La Liga commentator

About Jordi Punti

Jordi Punti was born in Manlleu, near Barcelona, and is a writer, translator and a regular contributor to the Spanish and Catalan press. He has won numerous literary awards and his works have been translated into more than 15 languages. He published his first book of short stories, Pell d’armadillo, in 1998, and his first novel, Lost Luggage (Short Books) was released in English in 2013.