Seasonal Suicide Notes

My Life as it is Lived

by Roger Lewis

  • Published: 01 Apr 2010
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  • ISBN: 9781907595004
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For some years, the biographer Roger Lewis has been entertaining his friends with an annual letter, in which he records details of the joys and frustrations of his life as it is actually lived.

Updated with a new section for spring, this ‘cult classic’, a hilarious collection of diaries and memoirs – highlights of which include a trip up the Amazon River with countless ants and Maureen Lipman; his eldest son Tristan training to be a juggler at Zippos Circus (“Frankly, where did Magdalen College, Oxford, ever get me, eh?”); the mystery of the stolen kettle at Age Concern; the humiliation of not being invited to the premiere of his very own movie at Cannes; and the way the Dell call-centre people in Bombay keep thinking he’s a woman….

With his sharp eye for folly, his malice – and the unexpected shafts of humanity in spite of his chronic ill temper – Roger Lewis is the Evelyn Waugh of the 21st century. These addictive and paradoxically life-enhancing Seasonal Suicide Notes have the makings of a lasting comic masterpiece.

A masterpiece of controlled rage… Lewis deserves a mass readership” – Mail on Sunday

Seasonal Suicide Notes is the funniest book of the year. This is comedy of rare quality. Lewis is a seriously funny man” – Daily Express

“Seasonal Suicide Notes is the most brilliantly funny and genuinely thought-provoking book of the year. Along with the lunatic jokes and napalm-coated insults, it is also a savage but cogent howl against contemporary culture. To the gas-filled balloon of today’s literary world, puffed up to bursting with hype and spin, toadies and timeservers, networkers and overnight ‘geniuses’, Roger Lewis is a much needed prick” – Christopher Hart, The Sunday Times

“This is one of the strangest books you’ll ever read. It is also the funniest. And the most reckless… Buy the book, and be grateful you don’t live next door.” – Byron Rogers, Spectator

“If they ever award gold medals for comic genius, Roger Lewis will be a shoo-in for gold. This brief but hilarious memoir really should come with a health warning. Reading it may result in dislocation of the funny bone. If you like the taste of acid drops then give yourself a treat.” Simon Griffith, Mail on Sunday

“I cannot think of anyone I love or admire who would not enjoy receiving and reading this book. It’s dark, savage, scabrous and enraged. A bilious hymn of hate against everything wrong with modern life, it is also the funniest, truest, most engaging thing I’ve read all year. Lewis is the drinking companion we all wish we had and reading this book you get the delicious sense that it’s you and him against the world.” – Michael Gove, The Times

“Beautifully crafted… both funny and oddly cheering.” – Roland White, Sunday Times – Comedy Book of the Year

“I suppose if you are not the target of Lewis’ abuse, you may find it even more amusing than if you are, which is saying something. Simon Grey’s diaries may have found a successor.” Philip Hensher, Spectator – Book of the Year

“These sulphorous annual round robin letters are not just cry-makingly funny and profane: there are also arresting insights into art, literature and life. There are flashes of beautiful seriousness and the comedy is exquisitely well-observed.” Sinclair McKay, The Daily Telegraph

“A brilliantly splenetic diatribe… Lewis rages against everything. And an accomplished and funny job he makes of it, too.” – Virginia Blackburn, The Daily Express

“You can’t help but be sucked into the world of writer Roger Lewis. Seasonal Suicide Notes is, by turns, funny, tragic, tender and vicious… The combination of bile and self-knowledge is what gives it is comic edge.” – Stephen Moss, The Guardian

“Lewis is a five-star malcontent. His book is therefore killingly funny – the humour is the blackest, but it also finds room for a subtler, more wanly moving sense of the absurdity of life. Lewis knows what he is about as a writer.” – Sam Leith, The Daily Mail

“Ironically, Roger Lewis’s dyspeptic chronicle of a disenchanted soul is so sharply observant and deliriously funny that it makes you glad to be alive.” – Rupert Christiansen, The Daily Telegraph

“Hilariously angry… Hilariously rude… Yet here is the odd thing – there is something strangely cheering and life-affirming about it all.” Terence Blacker, The Independent

About Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis is the author of books about Laurence Olivier, Charles Hawtrey and Anthony Burgess. His international bestselling biography The Life and Death of Peter Sellers was adapted into a multi-award-winning film. Married to an educational psychologist and with three sons, Lewis divides his time between Herefordshire and Austria.