Seven Days One Summer

by Kate Morris

  • Published: 07 Jul 2011
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  • ISBN: 978-1-907595-27-1
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Eight old friends reunite for a week in the sun…
What could possibly go wrong?

When her old flame Sam rings up one day and invites her on a villa holiday in Italy, Jen is completely thrown off balance. Sam, as she cannot help but recall, was the best kiss of her life.

With her husband Marcus constantly travelling the world for work, and seven-year-old Alfie still in the marital bed, the joys of marriage and motherhood are thin on the ground for Jen these days… What could be more appealing than being with old friends and recapturing a little bit of their youth?

Two months later, Jen and Marcus arrive at the stunning Villa La Silerchie. There to greet them are Jen’s best friend Tara and her new husband Dave, a struggling writer; there’s also vain, neurotic Miranda and her fiancé Toby; Jack, a handsome and successful actor, recently separated; and Sam – funny, laid-back, sexy Sam…

Everything’s set for the holiday of a lifetime; but as the week progresses, and tensions rise in the August heat, relationships unravel, old rivalries re-emerge, and uncomfortable truths have to be faced.

Who knew what seven days in the sun could lead to…

“A heart-warming, and ultimately sad tale, reminding us that the grass isn’t always greener.”

“Kate Morris brilliantly depicts all those little irks and irritations that eventually get to even the best of us.”
Daily Express

“It’s a laugh-out-loud read with some dark observations on the realities of Married Life.”
Easy Living

About Kate Morris

Kate Morris is a freelance writer, author of two novels – including The Seven Year Itch (Penguin, 2009) – and the mother of two children. She writes a marriage column for Life in the Times and lives in West London.