The Brain: A User’s Manual

A simple guide to the world’s most complex machine

by Marco Magrini

  • Published: 02 Sep 2021
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  • ISBN: 9781780725055
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Translated by Katherine Gregor


“Congratulations on the purchase of this exclusive product, tailor-made just for you. It will provide you with years of continuous existence.”

The brain is one of nature’s most miraculous but misunderstood creations. 

In this fascinating user-friendly guide, you will discover all you need to know about what is ceaselessly happening inside your head – from the 38 million billion calculations the brain makes per second, to the complex distribution of memory (there is no central storeroom for information) and why love is an entirely neuronal experience.

With wit and style, Marco Magrini cuts through the noise of cerebral misinformation to tell the real story of who you are and, crucially, what you are capable of achieving.

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“A fantastically original and clever way to popularise neuroscience.”
Professor Gilberto Corbellini, Philosophy of Science, La Sapienza University, Rome
“In these pages, Magrini describes beautifully, and often very humorously, the extraordinary harvest of new neuroscientific discoveries shedding light on the most complex and astonishing thing in the universe itself.”
Tomaso Poggio, MIT McGovern Institute
“It's rare to find an engaging, easy-to-read neuroscience book. This one is exceptionally good - I couldn't put it down and finished it within a week. I highly recommend this book to all people who possess a brain and wish to learn how it functions.”
Amazon reviewer

About Marco Magrini

Marco Magrini, is a freelance Italian journalist writing about science, energy and technology. He claims to be a descendant of Giovanni Villani, the proto-chronicler of medieval Florence.