The Brain: A User’s Manual

A simple guide to the world's most complex machine

by Marco Magrini

  • Published: 21 Mar 2019
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  • ISBN: 9781780723839
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Translated by Katherine Gregor


“Congratulations on the purchase of this exclusive product, tailor-made just for you. It will provide you with years of continuous existence.”

So begins The Brain: A User s Manual, Marco Magrini s fascinating guide to the inner workings of one of nature s most miraculous but misunderstood creations: the human brain.

This user-friendly manual offers an accessible guide to the machine you use the most, deconstructing the brain into its constituent parts and showing you both how they function and how to maintain them for a longer life.

Cutting through the noise of modern pop psychology, The Brain: A User s Manual is a refreshingly factual approach to self-help. Written with a deft style and wry humour, it offers tips on everything from maximising productivity to retaining memory and boosting your mood.


““A fantastically original and clever way to popularise neuroscience.” ”
Professor Gilberto Corbellini, Philosophy of Science, La Sapienza University, Rome
“"In these pages, Magrini describes beautifully, and often very humorously, the extraordinary harvest of new neuroscientific discoveries shedding light on the most complex and astonishing thing in the universe itself." ”
Tomaso Poggio, MIT McGovern Institute

About Marco Magrini

Marco Magrini, 59, is a freelance Italian journalist writing about science, energy and technology. He claims to be a descendant of Giovanni Villani, the proto-chronicler of medieval Florence.