The Mindless Colouring Book

Art Therapy Exclusively Available to Anyone With £8.99

by Molly Manners and Alex Worrall

  • Published: 06 Oct 2016
  • Price: £8.99
  • Format: Cut-down Royal Paperback
  • Extent: 112p
  • ISBN: 9781780722955
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The Mindless Colouring Book is a light-hearted alternative to the array of wonderful and yet slightly more serious colouring books currently available, and proves that laughter is still our favourite stress-reliever.

Comedy + mindfulness = smiling + relaxing = smilaxing

Cheeky and charming, this book has a delightful personality, dining out on the notion that you can do something therapeutic for the mind and have fun at the same time…

About Molly Manners

Molly Manners is an illustrator of things, writer of puns and director of film, TV and commercials. Her credits include BFI, E4 and Channel 4.

About Alex Worrall

Alex Worrall is a comedy writer whose credits include the BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian. He also dabbles in stand-up comedy and has performed around the UK.