The Story of Ada Lovelace

The Mathematical Genius

by Lucy Lethbridge

  • Published: 01 Jun 2017
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  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781780723198
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Ada Lovelace was a child prodigy. Brilliant at maths, she read numbers like most people read words…

At a young age Ada came to the attention of Charles Babbage, a scientist and inventor who had built a miraculous machine called the ‘Difference Engine’.

Ada and Mr Babbage started working together – a perfect partnership which led to the most important invention of the modern world: the computer!


Children’s History  (8-13 years)

“"Everyone should read these lively biographies – a perfect introduction to the most fascinating period in history" ”
Tristram Hunt

About Lucy Lethbridge

Lucy Lethbridge is the author of a number of children's titles – Annie Oakley: Sharpshooter of the Wild West (Short Books); and St Francis of Assisi: The Patron Saint of Animals (Short Books); True Life Stories of Pirates; Florence Nightingale and Napoleon. She has also written two critically acclaimed adult non-fiction books, published by Bloomsbury: Servants (2012) and Spit and Polish (2016). She lives in London. This title, on first publication as part of the 'Who Was' series, won the 2004 Blue Peter Award for non-fiction.