The Story of Nelson Mandela

The prisoner who became a president

by Adrian Hadland

  • Published: 06 Sep 2018
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  • ISBN: 9781780723662
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Nelson was a young South African with a reputation for trouble-making. Who would have thought he would one day lead his people to freedom?

Nelson grew up at a time when black South Africans suffered terrible injustice. He was determined to change this – even if it meant grave personal danger. 

Twenty seven years of his life were spent in prison, and everyone seemed to be against him – even his own family – but Nelson never stopped fighting for what he believed in: true equality for all, no matter what the colour of their skin. 

“What a remarkable story! I will definitely read this to my children”
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About Adrian Hadland

Adrian Hadland was a journalist, columnist and editor for almost 15 years covering South Africa's transition from apartheid to democracy for the local and international media.