The Three Hungry Boys

How to Catch, Trap, Forage and Generally Blag Your Way to Survival in the Wild

by Trevor Brinkman, Thom Hunt and Tim Cresswell

This book is the result of what happened when three best friends left their wallets and their trepidation at home…

Tim, Thom and Trevor – marine biologists and best mates since university – undertook a challenge: to survive for a month on their collective knowledge of nature and the wild and not much else.

These three lads knew their Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, but nothing could have prepared them for the task of having to catch, trap and blag their way to a full stomach.

Everything they learned on their trip can be found inside these pages. Packed with an entertaining mix of recipes, how to’s, survival tips and anecdotes, it will inspire you to get out there and have an adventure of your own…

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“Thom, Tim and Trevor have a great take on food, on foraging, on fun. It's a charming recipe and everyone should have a slice”
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
“It's a great, wacky book, endearing to those who'd rather eat bees than fiddle with a spork in a tent, but riveting if you're young and like camping, wading through mud and eating weird things. A terrific gift for the intrepid, broke explorer, too.”
<em> The Daily Telegraph </em> Book of the Week

About Trevor Brinkman, Thom Hunt and Tim Cresswell

Trevor Brinkman, Thom Hunt and Tim Cresswell aka the Three Hungry Boys, met at university in 2000, and have been best friends ever since. Sharing a love of marine biology, outdoor life and eating whatever they can get their hands on.