Vegan in 15

by Kate Ford

The vegan revolution is here… More and more people are looking to eat and shop in a way that treads as lightly as possible on our fragile planet and doesn’t cause suffering to animals.

In this book, renowned green food blogger Kate Ford presents the easy way to go vegan showing you how to conjure up incredibly tasty meals with simple, accessible ingredients in just 15 minutes.

Packed with tips and advice, shopping lists and meal planners, Vegan in 15 offers irresistible recipes which are full of flavour and character, containing all the nutrients you need for optimum health. It will inspire you to get the most out of a vegan lifestyle, whether you are an established green eater or just looking for a way to begin.


“"Brilliant! No-nonsense, helpful recipes and kind advice. I haven't had the book for very long, but the 3 recipes I've tried so far have been really tasty. Best vegan cook book I've used." ”
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About Kate Ford

Kate Ford writes The Veg Space blog, one of the leading UK vegan and vegetarian food blogs. The Veg Space has been listed in the Top 10 Vegetarian and Vegan Food Blogs by the Guardian, Red Magazine and Vegetarian Living Magazine. Kate’s recipes have appeared in Observer Food Monthly, Vegan Food and Living Magazine, Vegan Life Magazine, Cook Vegetarian Magazine and others. In 2009 Kate won the Vegetarian Chef of the Future Competition run by the Vegetarian Society, and in 2011 was the creator of the UK s Tastiest Meat-Free Dish , winning a competition from Linda McCartney Foods which culminated in her Mushroom & Ale Pie being added to their range. She lives in Hertfordshire