Velkom to Inklandt

Poems in my Grandmother's Inklisch

by Sophie Herxheimer

  • Published: 07 Oct 2021
  • Price: £12.99
  • Format: Cloth hardback 173x256mm (narrow Crown Quarto)
  • Extent: 92p
  • ISBN: 9781780725345
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The Sunday Times’ Poetry Book of the Year

The Observer’s Poetry Book of the Month

Velkom to Inklandt is a collection of poems in which Sophie Herxheimer brings vividly to life the voice of her German Jewish Grent Muzzer, Liesel, whose somewhat abrasive perspektiff she has never been able to forget.

Liesel came to live in Britain in 1938, with her husband, a doctor, one of many saved by the speedily set up Council for Academic Refugees.

Playing on the difficulties of the English lenkvitch and vokebulerry, the poems tell of an immigrant’s attempts to fit in and make her home in a new country at war with her own.

This fascinating sequence addresses alienation, survival, work, friendship, marriage, motherhood, ageing and loss, against a backdrop of a London that has almost disappeared, but which at the same time is current and stranychly familiar.

*New edition with new jacket

“'This book is uplifting, funny, heart-breaking – a one-off... many poems will bring a lump to your, read, cherish this book.' ”
Kate Kellaway, The Observer
“Charming and Poignant... Say her words out loud to see her world.'”
The Sunday Times
“'I bought diss. It iss ferry fonny. It meks me vont to read out lout to my missis. Ach how ve laff.' ”
Michael Rosen

About Sophie Herxheimer

Sophie Herxheimer is an award-winning writer, artist and poet who teaches and collaborates extensively. She has held residencies for LIFT, Southbank Centre and Transport for London and her recent publications include The Listening Forest, The New Concrete and Voyage. She lives in Brixton with her family.