What Can I Do To Help?

75 Practical Ideas for Family and Friends from Cancer's Frontline

by Deborah Hutton

  • Published: 01 Jul 2010
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  • ISBN: 9781906021566
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Deborah Hutton’s discovery that the niggling cough which had been troubling her for a couple of months was actually an aggressive lung cancer marked the beginning of a brand-new learning curve – a personal odyssey that taught her to let go of her super-competent I-can-handle-it-myself persona and gratefully accept the huge amount of help beamed at her by her close-knit family and “world class” network of friends and neighbours.

From her own experience and out of her conversations with fellow members of the “Cancer Club” comes this anthology of supremely practical examples of ways in which friends and family, often themselves reeling from the shock of the diagnosis and feeling just as helpless and at a loss to know what to do, can make a real, substantial difference.

“What can I do to help?” she writes. Well, stand by, because the answer is “Plenty”.

“The great strength of this anthology is that it gives clear and supremely practical guidance to the family and friends of PWC (People With Cancer), who long to do something to help but don’t know how to go about it. ”
<em>The Spectator</em>
“A brilliant and unprecedented insight for the four million of us who live with, or around, one of Britain’s 270,000 new cancer patients each year.”
Jon Snow

About Deborah Hutton

Deborah Huttton was a journalist for 25 years, writing for most of the country’s major glossy magazines and newspapers - from Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine to The Observer, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.