Who Was… Alexander Selkirk

by Amanda Mitchison

  • Published: 01 Apr 2004
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Survivor on a Desert Island.

On the beach stood a wild thing waving its arms and hollering. The thing had the shape of a man but it was all covered in fur, like a Barbary ape. What was it? A new kind of animal? A monster?

It was Alexander Selkirk Scottish sailor and adventurer, thrilled to be rescued after four years living alone on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

How did he come to be stranded there? And how did he survive? Find out the truth about the real Robinson Crusoe.

‘And then, quite suddenly, Reverend Tulloch noticed that one of the heads down beneath him was not bowed. Instead, the face – a young, fresh, blue-eyed face – was staring directly at him. What’s more, the face showed no fear at all.

He should have expected as much. For the face belonged to Selcraig the cobbler’s boy, that ruffian Alexander. He was was a big-boned lad, bright as a button. His mother’s darling and a seventh son – so bound to be lucky in life […]

The following Sunday Alexander Selcraig, son of the cobbler and tanner John Selcraig, was called to appear before the Reverend Tulloch and the elders of the church to account for his ‘indecent conduct in church’. But Alexander didn’t turn up. He had gone to sea…’

About Amanda Mitchison

Amanda Mitchison is a feature writer for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. She lives in Bristol and has two young sons.