Who Was… Anne Boleyn

by Laura Beatty

  • Published: 01 Apr 2004
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The Queen Who Lost Her Head

For Anne Boleyn King Henry VIII threw away his wife, outraged his people, chucked his religion, and drove his best friend to death.
What does it take to drive a King this crazy? Was she a witch? An enchantress? Whatever she was, Anne turned Tudor England upside-down and shook it. And everyone was talking about her…
But Anne lived dangerously. And when she could not give the King the one thing he wanted – a son – his love went out like a light. The consequences for Anne were deadly.

‘Inside Anne there was an eagle biding its time, cramping its wings and folding its talons and waiting. Power was what the eagle wanted and there was only one person who had that.

In the prison of her heart, Anne’s eagle crouched, and watched the King with its yellow, unblinking eye and set its trap and waited…’

About Laura Beatty

Laura Beatty lives in Northamptonshire and has three children.