Who Was… David Livingstone

by Amanda Mitchison

  • Published: 01 Apr 2004
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The Legendary Explorer

Born a poor Glasgow cotton-mill worker, David grew up to become a great explorer and hero of his time.

This is his incredible story. The tough man of Victorian Britain would stop at nothing in his determination to be the first white man to explore Africa, even if it meant dragging his wife and children along with him.

He trekked hundreds of miles through dangerous territory, braving terrible illness and pain, and was attacked by cannibals, rampaging lions and killer ants.

‘One day Livingstone was out digging a water ditch when some Bakhatla tribesmen ran screaming to him. He must come, they cried, and help them kill a lion that was attacking their sheep. Livingstone grabbed his gun and followed the men across the valley.

The lion was crouched on top of a small rock. Livingstone approached, fired both barrels into the animal but failed to kill it. He shouted to the men to wait, and was just ramming the new bullets into his gun when he heard a cry and turned to see the lion springing through the air towards him…’

About Amanda Mitchison

Amanda Mitchison is a feature writer for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. She lives in Bristol and has two young sons.