Who Was… Elizabeth I

by Charlotte Moore

  • Published: 01 Apr 2004
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The Kingly Queen

Her father had her mother’s head chopped off when Elizabeth was only two years old. Then her sister became Queen and locked her up in the Tower of London.

It’s a miracle that poor Elizabeth turned out as well as she did. Not only did she bring peace and stability to a suffering people, she turned England into the most glorious and powerful country in Europe. But, terrified that her power might fall into the wrong hands, Elizabeth steadfastly refused to marry – as far as she was concerned, husbands meant only one thing: trouble!’

‘So, for the next eighteen years, Mary was kept in captivity in a succession of English castles and country houses. Elizabeth paid £52 a week of her own money- a great deal in those days – to make sure that Mary was comfortable and well treated. But this was not enough for the passionate Mary, who soon embroiled in Catholic plots to remove Elizabeth from her throne. The problem of what to do with her tempestuous cousin would remain a thorn in Elizabeth’s side for a large part of her reign.’

About Charlotte Moore

Charlotte Moore is the author of three novels: Promises Past, Ark and My Sister, Victoria, and one book for children, WHO WAS...Florence Nightingale. Her most recent book was George and Sam: Autism in the Family.