Who Was… Jane Austen

by Gill Hornby

  • Published: 01 May 2005
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The Girl With The Magic Pen

In a quiet country parsonage in the late 18th century, there lived a large family of seven children. They were all bright and clever and noisy, so nobody really noticed when little Jane turned quietly into a genius…

The modes, obedient youngest daughter of the Reverend Austen was to grow up to be the greatest woman writer in the English language. And the story of how she succeeded is every bit as romantic as one of her novels. She was expected just to get married and have children. But, although she was penniless stubborn Jane would only marry for love, and the right man never asked her. So instead, she sat down and wrote. In total secrecy, she created the most wonderful stories about love and marriage, that have been enjoyed by millions of readers ever since.

‘Jane relied on the dining-room door to warn her of anybody’s approach. At the sound of its creak, she would quickly slide the paper under the blotter so that nobody saw what she was up to. Many of her neighbours were her most avid readers. But they had no idea that their author lived among them…’

About Gill Hornby

Gill Hornby is married with four children and lives in Berkshire.