Who Was… Nelson Mandela

by Adrian Hadland

  • Published: 01 Apr 2004
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The Prisoner who became a President

Nelson was a young African boy with a reputation for trouble-making. Who would have thought he would one day lead his people to freedom?

Nelson grew up at a time when black Africans suffered terrible injustice. He was determined to change this – even if it meant a terrible personal danger. Twenty seven years of his life were spent in prison, and everyone seemed to be against him – even his own family – but Nelson never stopped fighting for what he believed in: true equality for all, no matter what the colour of their skin.

‘Nelson was 46 years old. His wife and children were a thousand miles away. He had lost his freedom and his future. In fact this little, cold, grey room would be his home for the next 18 years. But the amazing thing is that even if Nelson had known he would end up in prison, he wouldn’t have done anything differently. He regretted none of the decisions which landed him on Robben island; he knew he had done the right thing. To understand why he felt as he did, we have to go all the way back to a small African village on the banks of the Mbashe (pronounced Bashee) River…’

About Adrian Hadland

Adrian Hadland was a journalist, columnist and editor for almost 15 years covering South Africa's transition from apartheid to democracy for the local and international media.