Who Was… Perkin Warbeck

and Robert Hume

  • Published: 01 Apr 2004
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The boy who would be King

Perkin Warbeck was the son of a boatman from Flanders. What made him think he could ever convince anyone that he was the rightful king of England?

Young Perkin longed for greatness. By a remarkable twist of fate he won the support of the French Royal family who were trying to find a way to gain control of England. In Flanders, the Duchess of Burgundy took a special interest in Perkin, trained him to act like an English Prince and sent him across the Channel with a small band of soldiers to seize power.

Would Perkin be the next William the Conqueror? Or was he doomed to an early, painful death?

‘In the days before cameras and television, dental records and DNA testing, who would be able to tell the real prince from an imposter? Suppose a boy of similar age and appearance to Richard was to pretend that he was the missing prince?

This is the daring adventure story of a boy from Flanders, who tries to trick the rulers of Europe into believing that he is Prince Richard – that he miraculously escaped from the Tower of London and has been living in hiding, waiting for the right moment to claim the throne of England…’

About Robert Hume

Robert Hume lives in Broadstairs and teaches history and psychology at Clarendon House Grammer School, Ramsgate, where he also runs the school Scrabble club and the football teams. His historical nnovel, Ruling Ambition: The Story of Perkin Warbeck, was published by Gee & Son in 2000.