Who Was… Queen Victoria

by Kate Hubbard

  • Published: 12 Jul 2004
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The Woman who Ruled the World

Victoria was just eleven when she realised her destiny was to become Queen. ”I will be good”, she declared. She was crowned seven years later – a tiny figure with a will of iron. Victoria was to rule over one of the most powerful empires in history, stretching across the world. She made Britain great – and people loved her for it.

Victoria loved dogs, cream cakes and the troops who fought her wars. But most of all she loved her husband, Albert. When he died, she hid away. Suddenly, the woman who had made the monarchy strong seemed to be destroying it.

Could anyone persuade Victoria to be Queen again?

‘Her children, her secretaries, her ministers, tiptoed around her. What if she did go mad, like her grandfather George III? Sometimes she would tap her forehead with her stubby fingers muttering – ”My reason! My reason!” No one wanted to force the Queen to do her duty. Yet rumbles of discontent could be heard. […] Victoria hadn’t appeared in public for nearly two years. What was the use of a sovereign who never showed her face?

The Queen had built her grief around her like a fortress and she might well have locked herself away within its walls for ever. That she didn’t was thanks to two very different men. One was a rough-and-ready Scottish servant and the other a silver-tongued Tory politician…’

About Kate Hubbard

Kate Hubbard is the author of A Material Girl: Bess of Hardwick (Short Books, 2001), WHO WAS... Charlotte Brontë and WHO WAS... Queen Victoria from the Short Books children’s historical biography series. She lives in London and Dorset.