Who Was… Sir John Franklin

by Martyn Beardsley

  • Published: 01 Jul 2004
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The man who ate his own boots

John Franklin had a dream to explore the world. He went to sea in 1800 at the age of 14, and by 16 he had been involved in a major sea battle. But his greatest ambition was to find the North West Passage: a sailing route through the frozen seas and mountainous icebergs off the northern coast of Canada.

In 1819 he led an expedition on foot to explore the coast. Almost everything went wrong. Many men died of cold and starvation, and John himself only survived by eating his own boots! But he refused to give up, and many years later he headed once more into that icy unknown, determined to succeed where others failed…’

‘After a hard fought battle lasting several hours, the Danes were defeated. They battered both of the enemy ships into submission, six men died and 14 were wounded in the process. John himself escaped without injury. This was by no means the last battle he would take part in – but in his heart he knew he wanted to be an explorer. As he helped with the repairs of his battle-scarred vessel, his mind was already turning towards an opportunity to pursue the dream he’d had before joining the Plyphemus…’

About Martyn Beardsley

Martyn Beardsley is the author of six "Sir Gadabout" books for Orison's Dophin series. He also published The Bell Tower (Harcourt Educational). He lives in Beston, near Nottingham, and is married with one daughter.