Who Was…The Bloody Baron

by Nick Middleton

  • Published: 01 Jul 2004
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Evil invader of the East

Not many leaders have been as wicked as the Bloody Baron. All his men were frightened of him – with reason!

As an officer in Russia’s White army, he had a lot of practice killing people. But when the Whites lost to the Communist Reds, the Baron headed east and built up his own army of men who became famous for torture and cruelty.

The Baron had a Grand Plan. First take over Mongolia, then conquer the largest Empire the world has ever known. The Baron thought nothing could stop him…or could it?

‘[The Bloody Baron] was preoccupied because he had been thinking about what the man in the black coat had meant about the hills around Urga being set alight with a thousand fires, and the Baron hated thinking. Even when he was at school he had hated thinking. Whenever a master asked him to think, he always said, ‘Thinking is for weaklings. I’m a man of action.’ But the Baron couldn’t avoid the need to think about the thousand fires, and try as he might he couldn’t work out what this part of the prophesy meant…’

About Nick Middleton

Nick Middleton teaches geography at Oxford University, and is the author of more than a dozen books, mostly on travel and environmental themes. He is also the presenter of Channel 4's Extremes series.