Who Was… Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

by Gill Hornby

  • Published: 01 Jul 2004
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By the time he was four years old, it was clear that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical genius. He could already play the clavier, the organ and the violin to perfection. When he was just seven, little Mozart began touring Europe, performing at court to Kings and Queens, and in concert halls to crowds of the paying public.

His father could see that his little Wolfgang would one day change the face of European music, and presumed that the adult Mozart would be wealthy, famous, adored around the world. What he did not know was how hard it would be for a child genius to grow up…

‘The little boy, without even looking up, calmly replied that he was composing a concerto for the clavier, but he couldn’t show it yet, because it wasn’t ready. Leopold picked up the pages that were lying there – of scrawled notes and smudges and blots of ink – and showed it to his friend. Both men began to laugh. But then Leopold looked more closely. And he saw that beneath the childish mess, there was a serious piece of music written down here. The laughter died, and tears came to his eyes: ”Look, Herr Schatchner, how properly and correctly it has been written! Only it can’t be used. It is so very difficult that no one could play it!” Wolfgang, still looking down at his page and scribbling away, gave an impatient sigh: “That is why it is a concerto, papa. You must practice it until you get it right…”

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