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Free June book offer open…


Free copies of Ophelia in Pieces by Clare Jacob are now available for the first ten groups to get in touch.

We have so enjoyed publishing this book as Clare Jacob has such a brilliant eye for the difficulties that life can throw up and the delicate balancing act so many women contend with: children, husband’s work, home… and the rest! Ophelia in Pieces is a brilliant look behind the scenes of the male-dominated world of the barrister and judges. Clare Jacob herself was a barrister and so she knows the inside story! By her own admission, after of defending clients accused variously of bomb-making, hiding cocaine in coconuts and stealing under-pants, she decided to capture the lunacy and mystery of it all in a novel. And how well she has done it.

Here’s a little more on the book:

On the eve of her 39th birthday, top barrister Ophelia Dormandy decides she is going to make amends. Tonight, after months of late nights at her desk, she’s going to return home early, cook a special supper – maybe even wear that red dress Patrick once said he liked.
But Ophelia is in for a shock. After 20 years together, her husband announces he’s been having an affair, and leaves. Her home life implodes, and work soon follows suit – before long, she’s broke, drinking too much and falling for a client of questionable innocence. And then she is faced with the most serious trial of her life, when a disgruntled defendant comes back to haunt her, threatening everything that she holds dear…
So do let me know if you would like copies of your book group and I will mail them to  you asap.




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