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Justin Webb on the ‘Essential Relationship’

Fresh in from the printer and looking really striking is Justin Webb’s latest offering on the transatlantic relationship. A presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme, Justin was previously the BBC’s North America correspondent – so he know his stuff! In Notes on Them and Us, Justin re-examines the history of our great alliance with America and gives a wry account of the way it actually exists today beyond the emotive adjectives of newspaper headlines. It is amusing, myth-breaking and unflinchingly honest, this is a book for anyone with an eye on global politics.

Justin has kindly agreed to do a Q&A for the Short Books Club and I will be posting it at some point next week. So keep your eyes peeled as it’s bound to be fascinating. Oh, and don’t miss Justin talking to Ryan Tubridy on BBC Radio 2 between 12 and 1pm.

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