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The Trouble with Alice gets a great Times review

In The Times today:

“Life might seem solid and safe but it’s much more fragile than we like to think.
Kit and Alice are a young couple who are happily in love. Alice is pregnant, and they’re spending a luxurious weekend together on the shores of the Dead Sea. But the novel begins with a dreadful accident. Their car crashes into a desert valley, and though neither of them is killed (I’m making this clear because the jacket blurb is, as it is so often these days, unnecessarily mysterious), the disaster pulls their relationship violently out of shape.
Knowing how the other person behaves in extreme circumstances is like meeting them all over again, and the trouble with Alice is that she can no longer understand the man she thought she loved.
Despite the shattering opening, this is a wise, humorous and humane first novel about the nature of real love.”

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