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The Three Hungry Boys: Part 1

We are very pleased to welcome Tim Cresswell, one of the authors of The Three Hungry Boys to the Short Books blog. This is the first of their daily guest appearances here this week.

So without further ado, pull up a chair, pop the kettle on, and meet The Three Hungry Boys:

So how did the three of you meet in the first place?
In October of 2001, Thom, Trevor and I met outside a lecture theatre at the University of Plymouth. We’d been brought together by our love of the sea and a desire to spend the next three years without real employment! Trevor had a large gaggle of girls around him and so Thom and I, who I had met earlier in fresher’s week, duly introduced ourselves. We have been best mates ever since.

So how did The Three Hungry Boys come about?
Fast forward 8 years to a conversation around my dinner table. We were discussing how we only had 50 or so summers left before we were no longer for this world (quite morbidly in hindsight) and that we wanted to spend every single one having as much fun as humanly possible.
Out of this came plans for a trip around Europe, working, foraging and fishing our way to a cheap, long, hot holiday. We wanted to film it as we went but we didn’t have a video camera. On a whim, I emailed River Cottage hoping someone would answer our call for a free handycam. Not as a measure of their customer services at all (!), but 3 months later, I received an email asking if Thom and I would like to go to River Cottage for a meeting to discuss our idea. This was like asking Jimmy recorder player if he wanted to go to Graceland to meet Slash. ‘Yes!’ I replied. ‘We’ll be there on Tuesday’. We went to River Cottage, met Hugh, made a pilot programme which was taken to Channel 4, they liked it, we went to Scotland and rest is history…

What has been the best thing about your adventures so far and why do you think they have proved so popular?
The thing is, we were very, very, very lucky to have emailed on the right day, in the right year to the right people. If we hadn’t, we would have gone on our trip around Europe and would still be talking about it, but we wouldn’t be here, blogging about living for free. We wouldn’t have met all of the amazing people, each with their own amazing stories, getting us to try their incredible produce and sharing with us some of their British hospitality. What makes The Three Hungry Boys for us is the people we meet and the kindness they show. We’ve met some super cool, slightly odd, always interesting people and we hope that you will enjoy our adventures, meals and skills that we’ve learnt along the way.

From left to right: Thom, Tim and Trevor aka The Three Hungry Boys