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Day One: The Three Hungry Boys Competition

Here are The Three Hungry Boys with their competition to win a signed copy of their new book:

Done all your Christmas shopping? Course you haven’t! Well fear not dear friends because the 3 Hungry Boys are here to save your bacon. All this week we are giving away signed copies of the truly excellent 3 Hungry Boys book, a perfect Christmas gift!

Seeing as we are pretty fond of challenges we are going to be setting a different competition each day for a chance to get your mitts on one of these beauties. Today we are going to ease you in gently with a simple challenge.

We have posted a competition link from our Twitter account (@3hungryboys) that looks like this.

Win one of these the perfect Christmas present by @3hungryboys by retweeting this tweet

All you need to do is retweet this link and we will pick one person randomly as the winner and owner of a brand-spanking-new signed book.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Not to worry we are going to do the same thing with Facebook. We’ll be posting this competition on our page ( <> ) and all you need to do is share it. We’ll pick a person at random that has shared it and that’ll be one less present to worry about for the lucky winner.

We’ll be closing entries and picking a winner at 9pm to give a good chance to get involved and announcing the winners tomorrow morning. If you don’t win not to worry because there will be more chances all week.

Good luck to you all