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A Nutritionist’s Guide to Tennis

In January we highlighted how George Cooper gave Andy Murray some sage advice about ditching his mid-match bananas, based on guidance in his book Be Your Own Nutritionist.

Well, since then we’ve seen Murray finally lift that Wimbledon trophy (I suppose we’ll begrudgingly say that the credit doesn’t go to George entirely, but, you know…), and now it appears Djokovich is taking heed and following George’s advice too.

In the Sunday Times Djokovich has detailed the nuances of his diet and declares that he doesn’t drink cold water because it “slows your digestion and diverts blood away from where I want it — in my muscles”, agreeing exactly with George’s assertion that cold drinks “diverts warm blood from the muscles and skin to heat up the stomach again”.

Perhaps Novak has been perusing the wonderful Short Books list and has found a gem in Be your Own Nutritionist

Be Your Own Nutiritionist 3D