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Different Worlds Collide This February

So it’s February, one twelfth of 2013 down.  This month at Short Books we see a collision of worlds in our new titles.

In The Physics of Finance, James Owen Weatherall shows how the world of scientific genius came to bear on the  world of financial markets, guiding us from university wiz-kids ahead of their time, through cardsharps taking on the house in Las Vegas, on to analysts predicting market crashes.  Accessible and engaging, the book defends physicists and their models in the face of accusations that complex financial instruments are to blame for the 2008 economic crisis.  Instead, Weatherall argues, models need to be constantly refined and tested, which means being wielded by the right hands.

In The Romantic Economist, William Nicolson takes a world he understands – economics – and attempts to apply it to one he, sadly, doesn’t – romance.  If concepts such as supply and demand, price elasticity of demand and the efficient market hypothesis can help him master economics, why should they not do the same for him in the game of love?  Finding himself abruptly cast ‘back on the market’, Will puts this to the test.  Whether playing hard to get or deciding if an opportunity is too good to be true, Will has a few lessons to learn about romance – and just in time for Valentine’s Day too.