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Final day: Win a signed copy of The Three Hungry Boys

It’s the last day of the Three Hungry Boys competition, so here they are with the final challenge:

Well yesterday’s competition produced entries that ranged from the sublime, Henry Mcilroy’s foraged fruit crumble, to a downright peculiar conversation about pickling pheasants. Not sure we’ll be trying all of them but thank you all for the suggestions.

The gastro-king that has cooked their way to success and ownership of a signed copy of our book is @wanttobakefree who captured our approach to cooking perfectly. Throw everything into a bowl, stir and bake, perfect for people like us who have an oven in their van.

On our next trip which will hopefully be somewhere nice and warm (hint, hint, Hugh) we will be needing a new mixtape to while away the hours of traveling. On our last two trips we picked up CDs and albums from people we met along the way but this time we want to make a compilation before we leave. To do that we need suggestions from you. We want Three Hungry Boys’ themed songs that we can add to the list. The song has to be linked to us either by title or artist, off the top of our heads we’ve got De la Soul’s 3 Is The Magic Number and Duran Duran’s Wild Boys but we are sure you can come up with lots more.

Send your song choices to us on Twitter (@3hungryboys) or Facebook ( and we’ll be picking the most creative as a recipient of the last signed copy of the 3HB book.

You have until 9pm to get your entries in and we will be announcing the winners tomorrow morning. I’m just going to go and dust off the ghetto blaster in anticipation of the mixtape marathon!



I have just finished putting together the mixtape for our next trip. We are going to be blasting out the Beastie Boy’s Triple Trouble as suggested by @Elmo_84 as we cruise the coastal roads, getting down to Wild Honey by the Beach Boys courtesy of @AmyRylett and sheepishly humming along to the guilty pleasure that is 3 little boys by Rolf Harris shame on you @mumoffunkids!
However the winner of our final signed book is @rosiemathilda whose suggestions could have created a compilation album for this and the next adventure!
Well that is it, a week  of book giveaways. We hope that we have made the Christmas shopping experience easier for some of you. I’d certainly much rather come up with a budget recipe or random adventure trip than traipse round the shops at Christmas. Thank you all for taking part.
And remember if you did’t win you can still get a copy of our book in time for Christmas, there is something in there for everyone ranging from instructions on how to skin a rabbit to a picture of Trevor jumping into a river in his birthday suit.”