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New Voices this April

It’s been pretty gloomy out, so where else to turn but our April releases for a bit of fresh spring air. This month we’re all about new voices.

Magnus Macintyre’s debut novel Whirligig is the story of Claypole, a man who finds himself flung into the centre of a Scottish community’s debate over building a wind farm. Somehow placed as a spokesman for the entire project, he must face down the backlash from locals intent on preserving their countryside. This eccentric and lively comedy sees Claypole both battle with and embrace the countryside, the pursuit of money, and even his own health. A must-read book with a powerful style.

In Lost Luggage we are proud to publish the English translation of Jordi Punti’s acclaimed Catalan masterpiece Maletes Perdudes.  When Christof, Christophe, Christopher and Cristòfol, four ‘Christophers’ from four different countries, discover that they share the same father – a truck driver called Gabriel who they rarely saw when younger, and a man who has recently been declared missing – they embark upon a mission to find him, and reconstruct the story of his life. Memorable and moving, taking us from Franco’s Spain and across the roads and cities of Europe, this book is certainly the real deal, and not to be missed.

Time to hit the bookshops!