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Some Things You May Know, Some You May Not…

May is a big month for Short Books, and we have a publication day loaded with great new titles.  Here are some things you may know, and some things you may not…

By now we all probably know a little or a lot about The Fast Diet, and you may already be following Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer’s guide to intermittent fasting, and we hope reaping the many benefits.  So, not only to help you through those fasting days but to ensure you enjoy them, we are releasing The Fast Diet Recipe Book.  With the help of Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea FC nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker, Mimi Spencer guides you through what to eat within your 500- or 600-calorie allowance, seasoning it all with some helpful tips along the way.  Now there’s no excuse not to try this groundbreaking diet, and to become part of the food revolution!

In Mr Gig, Nige Tassell (one-time music promoter, reviewer, roadie, DJ and punter), guides us around a world he once knew very well – the world of the live gig. But Nige has been out of the game for a while, and the live music scene is not the same. Stadium tours, cover bands, mobile phones, pop reunions; Nige must navigate it all as he tries to find the soul that he remembers from his days as “Mr Gig”.  This is a thoroughly entertaining exploration of live music, and a fresh view of this popular art form.

We all know the importance of friends; that they are there for us when we need them, that having good friends can make us happier. But it doesn’t end there.  In Friendfluence, Carlin Flora shows us friendships from a new angle. Drawing on behavioural science and personal accounts, she demonstrates how our characters, personal development, and even our life chances are moulded by our friends. Fascinating stuff.

Hopefully you’ll also know a little about the background to Derek Niemann’s Birds in a Cage.  This is the true story of four British PoWs who found a release from the hardships of WWII internment by watching birds.  Released to a great response in hardback last year, this new paperback edition is a great chance to read this inspiring tale in a wonderful little package.

Finally, we at Short know the work of Siân Busby well, having published her previous books including the award-winning The Cruel Mother and the acclaimed McNaughten.  Now we are extremely proud to be publishing her last novel, A Commonplace Killing, an intense murder mystery based in postwar austerity Britain. The story of DDI Jim Cooper’s investigation into the murder of a respectable woman is both timely and moving. Be sure to see why Siân’s writing is so highly praised by reading this wonderful novel.