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The Personal Touch this August

This month’s non-fiction at Short features some personal stories, not always in the way you might expect.

In Our Hearts Hang from the Lemon Trees, London literary agent Laetitia Rutherford tells the story of one family split between Thatcherite Notting Hill and the French Riviera, and the secrets that widen the divide. Laetitia’s observations on her relationships with her father in London and her grandfather in France are interwoven with the works of Guillaume Apollinaire, whose poems helped ease her navigation through a dysfunctional childhood. A captivating memoir.

In A Good Bullet, Freddy Syborn (co-writer of BBC3’s Bad Education) talks comedy, offence, entertainment, and everything inbetween, in a stunning and oddly personal work.  His comedy partner Jack Whitehall, who also illustrated the book, called it “funnypeculiar” on Twitter, to which Freddy replied, “peculiarpeculiar”.  And that’s kind of what you get.  Prepare to be shocked, appalled, offended and surprised by a stunning book, which brings the wit of Dryden and Addison to bear upon a modern age of free speech and terrorism, tabloids and celebrities, horror films and stand-up comics, and will have you discussing the issues in coffee houses across the country.

Our Hearts Hang 3D A Good Bullet 3D