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This is What We Read in the Summertime

It’s July, half a year down… In the last 6 months at Short we’ve fasted 2 days a week, we’ve sought out the soul of live music, we’ve got our heads around financial modeling, and applied those rules to dating, and we’ve seen the disturbing underbelly of the kitchens of a celebrity chef.  Phew, it’s been busy.  Now it’s time to sit back in the sun (at last) and enjoy some summer reads…

First, for the travellers and culture-vultures out there, we’ll be taking a look at the newly crowned champion of Eurovision: Denmark.  Patrick Kingsley’s How to be Danish was a real Christmas success when it was released in hardback last year.  Now in a trendy paperback repackage, it’s the coolest way to learn about the happiest nation in the world.  From Nordic Noir to the Danish design DNA, via eccentric dining and cycling in Copenhagen, Patrick guides us through the cultural heart of Denmark… Did you know that ‘Lego’ means ‘Play Well’ in Danish?

Next, we have a story of reinvention. You may have heard a little about Jessica Fox’s story, as she trades a high-stress job at NASA for a second-hand bookshop in Scotland. Her memoir, Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets, is also now available in paperback, making it the perfect summer read – the story of a leap into the unknown, and a whirlwind romance.

Finally, our newest novel comes from a top US literary talent, Susan Choi, and tells an intoxicating story of erotic obsession – a coming-of-age novel with a twist, My Education is about how a passionate love affair turns graduate student Regina Gottlieb’s life upside-down.  The book has already been spotted in the clutches of US trendsetter Sarah Jessica Parker, and you’re sure to see it poolside this summer. A must read.

Sunbeds, cool drinks and books at the ready…

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