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Great review of We All Ran into the Sunlight

We are thrilled to have had a lovely review from Harriet Devine’s blog for We All Ran into the Sunlight by Natalie Young.

Thank you Harriet!

Copies of We all Ran into the Sunlight have gone out…

Postmen across the country are going to be groaning in next couple of days as some really lovely big parcels full of We All Ran into the Sunlight have now gone out. The reader’s guide and author interview will go up on the blog early next week and you will be able to download it from there.

In the meantime, enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

Congratulations to our winning book clubs

There has been a brilliant uptake for our March free offer – thank you all for your emails and comments. Those that posted on the blog all got there very quickly and have won copies for their book groups. Please can you email me directly with your addresses and the number of copies you require and I will send them out.

Reader’s Guides and the Author Interview will be posted here in the next few days.

In the meantime, I have a book launch to get to! Time to celebrate the launch of Natalie’s wonderful debut. We hope you like it as much as we do and look forward to hearing what you all thought on the blog.

Ready Steady…Go! The March offer is live!

Hi Book Groups,

Here it is – We All Ran into the Sunlight by Natalie Young, this months’ free book offer. If you would like to try to win copies please leave me a comment on this post and keep your fingers crossed…

This debut novel has received rave advance reviews but we would love to hear what you all think. It publishes tomorrow so you will be among the first to read it.

AND pop back on Friday at 5pm for our celebration of World Book Night when 3 other titles will be up for grabs…Please NB the change of time for this going live.

Set in the shimmering landscape of the southern Cevennes, Natalie Young’s novel alternates between the years immediately after the Second World War and the present day to explore a dark family secret and its ripple effect on people’s lives. It is a heartbreaking story of love and ownership, misplaced desire and the damage done when the truth is withheld.
Kate and Stephen Glover – in need of a break from their hectic London life – go on a winter sabbatical in the secluded French village of Canas. The slow pace of life there affects them in different ways. While Stephen feels increasingly restless, Kate finds herself drawn to the village and to the beautiful, derelict château at its heart.
But soon Kate’s daily excursions over the château wall are spreading rumours among the locals. What she doesn’t know is that the house has a terrible legacy, and her private journey of escape and self-discovery is threatening to reawaken the trauma of a family, broken apart one summer’s night more than fifty years before.


“The past grabs hold and will not let you go in this uncanny and
beautiful novel. Strange and delicious in the manner of Rebecca.”
Sarah Blake, author of The Postmistress

“We All Ran Into the Sunlight is the sort of intricate invention
that only a few masters – like Ian McEwan or Graham Greene – could
assemble. This novel will mesmerize you – and it will break your heart.”
Stefan Merrill Block, author of the Story of Forgetting

“Bold and original… Natalie Young captures beautifully the character of
a small French town, porous to every drop of gossip but presenting an
impenetrable surface to outsiders.”
Helen Dunmore

“How extraordinary is the mind of the writer. Natalie Young has created
a near-Gothic story of obsession and desire, set against the background
of a sinister château, in both postwar and contemporary France.
Definitely not for the faint-hearted… A true tour de force.”
Mavis Cheek

March free books

The March offer goes live tomorrow and copies of Natalie Young’s We All Ran into the Sunlight will be up for grabs for book groups. However, despite promising a midday kick-off you are all going to have to hold your horses for a few hours.

5pm is the time to be on the blog and commenting to be one of the first ten book groups to get in touch and win free copies. Sorry about that everyone and thanks for your patience!

A taster for the March title…

We loved this piece by debut author Natalie Young, on writing her first novel while holding down a job at The Times and being mother to two boys…

Also, a bit of a teaser for you all as We All Ran into the Sunlight is next month’s title.