The Three Hungry Boys press release

The Three Hungry Boys



Trevor Brinkman,
Thom Hunt &
Tim Cresswell


Tim, Thom and Trevor – three best mates from University with a shared love of the outdoors – undertook a challenge: to survive for a month on their collective knowledge of nature and the wild and not much else.

These three lads knew their Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, but nothing could have prepared them for the challenge of having to catch, trap or blag their way to a full stomach everyday, let alone pitch a tent on a freezing beach in the pouring rain.

Three Hungry Boys
brings together everything they learnt on their summer adventure, spear fishing, caber tossing, mushroom picking, goose culling, lobster baiting, paddle surfing, log rafting, whisky tasting, urchin eating, salmon smoking, shark swimming and even sword dancing. All without spending a penny (not that kind).

With an entertaining mix of recipes, how to’s, survival tips, hilarious anecdotes, this book will inspire you to get out there into the great outdoors this year and have an adventure all of your own.

Feature ideas / discussion points

The boys could write a guide to the best adventure that can be had for your Winter holiday, keeping both the kids and parents happy this December. This could include educating the kids on the sustainability of British wildlife and respecting the environment.

Top Ten Tips on How to Survive in the Wild if you’re not Bear Grylls but more your average British male with a rusty Swiss army knife and ten year old tent.

Travel/Money – A travel piece on recession busting weekends in the UK that don’t need to cost a penny.

Cookery – Extract Trevor’s delicious recipes, from Chanterelle Tartlettes to Sea Urchin Ceviche. Trevor is more than happy to demonstrate his cookery skills and whip up something tasty from your garden. The boys are all massive advocates of sustainability and only eating locally sourced foods.

About the Boys

Trevor, Tim and Thom aka The Three Hungry Boys met at Plymouth University in 2000 and have been firm friends ever since. Sharing a love of marine biology, outdoor life and eating whatever they can get their hands on, their Channel 4 TV programme, The Three Hungry Boys has been a huge success and the second will air in the new year. This series will see the boys let loose in the South West of England as they aim to survive another month with nothing more than a tea bag and a strong dose of humour allowed for supplies. Find out more about their adventures here –




Dinner with Churchill press release

Dinner With Churchill

Policy Making at the Dinner Table

Cita Stelzer

To be published in hardback by Short Books on 6th October 2011 priced £20.00

‘A delightful and fascinating book’Andrew Roberts, author of The Storm of War

‘A delightful and delicious tribute to Churchill’s heroic appetite for wining, dining and politicking’ – Ben Macintyre, author of Operation Mincemeat

Dinner With Churchill provides an intimate and unique insight into Winston Churchill’s dinner table diplomacy and examines how the great orator used his powerful social skills for political gain. For the first time, historian Cita Stelzer explores how battles were won and allegiances born over fine wines, cigars, roasted meats and Irish stew.

Stelzer examines ten dinners during Churchill’s Prime Ministerial career and demonstrates how he used mealtimes as political weapons. From strategically thought-out seating arrangements to meticulously planned menus – or ‘bills of fare’ as they were then known – Churchill’s dazzling skill as a host, learned from his mother, Lady Randolph, is vividly described.

With brilliant microscopic and evocative detail, Stelzer describes the favourite foods of the leaders of the time, (Churchill was partial to grouse and ice cream);  the settings in which they were consumed (be it elaborate dining rooms or train carriages); and the political manoeuvres that were made: over a succession of dinners and lunches Churchill firmed up Roosevelt’s  support for the ‘Europe First’ strategy which would eventually win the war; he forged a relationship with a reluctant Stalin in Moscow over an intimate meal featuring the head of a suckling pig, which Stalin ate with his knife; and he dazzled by providing a seven course meal complete with the Royal Air Force String Orchestra flown to Potsdam at a day’s notice.  And yet, whilst conscious of the occasion and his guests, Stelzer shows Churchill’s deep seated concern for his countrymen:  He was always mindful that he was leading a nation surviving on rations.

Crucially, Stelzer uses her subject to demolish the arguments of those who have accused Churchill of chronic alcoholism. Instead, she portrays a Prime Minister who knew how food in diplomacy could be a lubricant and a man who was deemed a perfect host.

Cita Stelzer is a freelance editor and journalist. She majored in history and worked for John Lindsay, Mayor of New York and Governor Hugh Carey. She is currently a

Reader at Churchill College, Cambridge; a Trustee of the Churchill Centre UK; and a Research Fellow at The Hudson Institute in Washington.

She is available for interviews and to write pieces.

To request a review copy or for further information please contact Preena Gadher on 020 3174 0118 or email

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