Top 100 Summer Reads

The Sunday Times published their Top 100 Summer Reads this weekend and we were thrilled to see The White Lie in there.


It has a fabulous new paperback jacket too and that will be in the shops on July 5th. What do you think?

(4 days later…) Oh, and I have now just seen that The White Lie has also been selected by the lovely Mumsnet as one of their Summer Reads too. It is so great to see this novel building a following as everyone who reads it raves about it and we love it here in the office.

The White Lie

There has been a fantastic response to Andrea Gillies’ debut novel The White Lie and her reviews have been every bit as good as we hoped they would. If you haven’t yet laid your hands on a copy – now is the moment…

Here’s what the reviewers have been saying:

“A really terrific read… Elegant, well written, genuinely gripping”
Joanna Harris

“A wonderfully compelling portrait of a family haunted by secrets and lies… pitch perfect on the chilling, devestating consequences of guilt” Sally Brampton

“Absolutely searing… we have a major new talent in our midst” Daily Express

“A white lie is, by convention, a harmless thing… Gillies explores in this novel how such lies may be very far from innocent in intention or in effect… the truth beginning to work its way to the surface, like a swollen and decomposing corpse… She excels in her portrait of a landscape that consumes the merely human – eats it for lunch, as it were – and has slowly, over many generations, created a family in its own image.”
Helen Dunmore, Times

“The White Lie is a story of decline, of a crumbling ­hierarchy taking desperate measures to save face (and the bloodline and the silver) before the hordes sweep them away. Yet, more than that, it is an account of the unreliability of personal history. Is a family story true because it is repeated? Does it matter in the end if the “truth” is revealed, if the lie has been lived? This novel develops ideas of the fragility and fluidity of identity. We all self-mythologise.
“The strength of this immersive story is that it does not require neat revelations. The White Lie is, even with its detours, a page-turner. It is also, finally, very moving…”
Francine Stock, Guardian

“There’s an echo of Virginia Woolf, especially To the Lighthouse, that lifts Gillies’ work above the average family drama. The fact that she also keeps a tight hold of the gossipy strands of her story is a great credit to her powers, as well as her ability to keep her readers guessing the truth to the end. This is an unusual, unsettling, often lovely story that plumbs the depths of what family means. It is a fine debut novel.”
Lesley McDowell, The Scotsman

“Gillies writes with elegance… bringing the closed world of the big house to life with cinematic clarity, the guilt-ridden residents as distressed as the threadbare furniture. The book has a pleasantly teasing quality, stealthily circling its central mysteries, challenging the reader to keep up while it flits between eras. A gripping exploration of the stories families tell about themselves, myths sometimes more potent than the truth.”
Financial Times

“**** Gillies handles her large cast and clashing versions of events with a precision that makes reading this imaginative novel a fascinating process of discovery.”

“Gillies’ beautifully crafted debut combines page-turning aplomb with psychological insight… She is a tantalising storyteller, dropping in clues, vertiginous surprises and unexpected revelations.”
Marie Claire

“An intricate, well-observed novel of secrets and guilt.”
Woman & Home

“Gillies writes magnificently on everything she touches, be it family secrets, Highland light, or the nature of memory.”
Sunday Times

“By the time I was half way through the book I was returning to it at every spare moment to find out what happened – and it really wasn’t what I was expecting…”