Charles Chadwick

Charles Chadwick worked as a civil servant from the early 1970s. He held a position in the British Council in Nigeria in 1972, and worked in Kenya, Brazil, Canada and Poland. He retired from civil service in 1992. He wrote several novels, all of which were rejected by publishers.

In 2004, he was offered a major publishing deal for his novel It’s All Right Now, which was written over a period of thirty years. In its initial edition, the book was 679 pages, and covers the life of an ordinary middle-aged English man from his thirties into his sixties (tagline: “A written life, an unwritten life”, as quoted from last page). The book was published in May 2005 by Faber & Faber in the UK and Harper Collins in the U.S., and received a number of strongly positive reviews from major press outlets.

Books by Charles Chadwick