Helen Pike

Helen Pike lives in Guildford and Oxfordshire. She is a History graduate of Oxford and holds an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck. This is her debut novel, and was in part inspired by her history teaching.

Books by Helen Pike

<a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/the-harlots-press"><strong>The Harlot’s Press</strong></a><br /><a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/the-harlots-press" class="plain-link"><em>The Harlot’s Press</em> is a gripping historical drama, in which St James’s and Cheapside, royalty and the rabble become thrillingly entangled as Nell battles to stay alive</a><a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/the-harlots-press"><img  src="https://shortbooks.co.uk/wp-content/themes/outreach/images/transparentgif.gif" border="0" width="160px" height="244px" alt="" /></a>