Jeremy Clark

Jeremy Clark has been a columnist for Prospect (1995-2000), the Independent on Sunday (1996-98) and the Spectator, where he has been writing the Low Life column since the death of Jeffrey Barnard in 2000. He remains an undiscovered talent.

Books by Jeremy Clark

<a href=""><strong>Low Life</strong><br />One Middle-Aged Man in Search of The Point</a><br /><a href="" class="plain-link">Meet Jeremy Clark. Author of Low Life columns in the <em>Spectator</em>. Encouraged by small publisher to rehash old columns in book form.
53 years old, a grandfather. Unmarried. Coughing and sneezing in a remote cottage on Dartmoor, hoping for a large royalty cheque...</a><a href=""><img  src="" border="0" width="160px" height="244px" alt="" /></a>