Jessica Lahey

Jessica Lahey is an American teacher and writer. She writes the bi-weekly “Parent-Teacher Conference” advice column for the New York Times and is a contributing writer at the Atlantic. She currently teaches English and writing, but retains a special place in her heart for Latin. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two sons.

“Lahey offers one of the most important parenting messages of our times: Unless we allow our children to learn how to take on challenges, they won’t thrive in school and in life. Her extremely helpful book tells her story, compiles research, and provides hundreds of doable suggestions.”
Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs
“Lahey’s conversational tone, combined with research and narratives from both children and parents, delivers in-depth insight into the value of mistakes. With chapters on specific age groups (middle schoolers and high schoolers) and hot-button issues, such as household chores, homework, and friendships, any parent who needs assistance reining in the supermom tendencies will find sound advice here.”
Library Journal
“'Failure-avoidant' parenting would seem, on the surface, to be synonymous with good parenting. Children stay safe, get into good colleges, and seem happier, at least in the moment. Debut author Lahey proposes, however, that parents will ultimately serve their children better by allowing them to stand on their own abilities and experience the occasional failure.[...] Lahey has many wise and helpful words like these—ones that any parent can and should embrace.”
Publishers Weekly