John Baxter

John Baxter is an Australian-born writer, journalist and film-maker. Baxter has lived in Britain and the United States as well as his native Sydney, but has made his home in Paris since 1989, where he is married to the film-maker Marie-Dominique Montel. They have one daughter, Louise.

Books by John Baxter

Cooking For Claudine<a href=""><strong>The Most Beautiful Walk in the World</strong><br />A Pedestrian in Paris</a><br /><a href="" class="plain-link">Paris, by custom and design, is a pedestrian’s city – each block a revelation, every neighbourhood a new feast for the senses, a place rich with history and romance at every turn. <em>The Most Beautiful Walk in the World</em> is your guide par excellence.</a><a href=""><img  src="" border="0" width="160px" height="244px" alt="" /></a>